Wedding Cake Alternatives

It’s very easy to fall into the typical wedding traditions, especially when it comes to wedding cakes. For many couples they are looking for something a bit different and something personal to them. We are here to provide you with some inspiration for alternative options to the traditional wedding cake that we think you will love!Whatever you choose it needs to be personal to you, so take a look at some of these tasty ideas below and get inspired…

  • Pancakes – With Shrove Tuesday being just around the corner we thought it couldn’t be more fitting to have a pancake inspired wedding cake option as our number one alternative to the classic wedding cake. Can’t picture how this would look? Take a look below…


Image Courtesy of Pinterest

  • Macarons – These petite French treats come in a variety of flavours and can look fantastic when displayed like the below. A macaron tower creates a sophisticated centrepiece and will add elegance to any wedding reception.
Image Courtesy of Medici Macarons
  • Meringue – Picture light fluffy meringue and dollops of fresh cream beautifully decorated in fresh fruit and flowers. We will just leave that there…
Image Courtesy of Arabia Weddings
  • Croquembouche – This traditional French confectionary is a more unusual option and a fantastic alternative to a traditional cake, especially if you are going for a rustic themed wedding. An impressive stack of these delicious fluffy pastries, with lashings of caramel syrup, this is a stunning, unique and tasty option.
Image Courtesy of The Knot
  • Doughnuts – Love the doughnut wall look but can’t justify the cost? Why not stack doughnuts to create an impressive and delicious statement piece?
Image Courtesy of Pinterest
  • Pies- More of a pie lover? Instead of having these tiered why not have all of your favourites displayed at different heights to create a delicious display. Lemon meringue pie anyone…
Image Courtesy of Shut Ur Pie Hole
  • Cupcakes – Over the years we have seen a huge increase in incorporating cupcakes. Cupcakes placed on tiered stands are a great alternative to the traditional cake and you can even have a small cake on the top of the cupcake tower if you want a little nod to a traditional style wedding cake.
Image Courtesy of Oh Best Day Ever
  • Cheese – With the UK now loving cheese more than ever, cheese wedding cakes have become increasingly popular over the years and make a fantastic alternative cake option. To make the stacked cheeses more presentable as a wedding cake, decorate them with a selection of flowers or fruits to complement them.
Image Courtesy of West Country Cheese

We hope the above options provide with you some fresh ideas as to how to make your day personal to you while still being delicious and picture perfect. We work with some fantastic suppliers, so do get in touch if you’d like a recommendation.


Libby and Lydia x