Covid-19 Weddings – A step to normality

Having been in lockdown for over 100 days the desire to go back to ‘normal’ is something we are all feeling, both personally and across every industry sector. At this point in the year we are usually delivering back to back events, ranging from festivals to weddings, so it’s been a real adjustment.

Thankfully both Libby and Lydia have worked together for over 5 years, and working remotely is the norm for us. We’ve been excited to see the industry transform, and being able to deliver some fantastic virtual events has been fantastic.

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Postponed Wedding Date Package

Many couples have unfortunately had to face the reality of postponing or cancelling their wedding due to the pandemic situation. We’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of couples to help support them with the large task of renegotiating contracts and re-arranging their wedding.  You can find out more about the free support we’ve offered in this area here.

Working with our couples who have had their hopes for their big day dashed, has inspired us to curate our unique ‘Postponed Wedding Date Package,’ to help couples still mark what should have been their special day.

Perhaps you are one half of a couple who has been impacted, or maybe your friend or family member has had to postpone their big day and you’d like to let them know you’re thinking of them on their special day.

We have a range of packages available to suit all budgets, and include a surprise bouquet styled with the couples wedding flower choices. Our packages also feature a range of elegant food and drink options from champagne truffles to premium cocktails. All packages come beautifully presented and delivered direct to the couples’ door.

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Our hearts are going out to all of the couples who are having to cancel or postpone their wedding days because of the current situation. We really understand how stressful and disappointing this must be for you all, and we want to help.

We know that such a decision will be generating a huge amount of additional pressure as you have to wade through cancellation policies, insurance documents terms and conditions, and then try and coordinate all your suppliers for an alternative date.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with all this, and could do with some support from an industry professional, we are more than happy to help. We will be offering FREE advice and guidance on how best to manage this unprecedented situation.

Or if you’d like to go one step further and just hand all the admin over to us to take care of, then we will be offering a COVID-19 Wedding Management package. This will be offered to any couples in the position of having to cancel or postpone their wedding due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Such a package will be charged at cost, we aren’t looking to make a profit from this unfortunate situation, we just want to provide support to couples navigating this difficult time.

The above offer can be applied to private events too.

Ping us a message or pop us a comment below if you’d like to chat.

Stay safe everyone.

Libby & Lydia x

Raising Funds for V Save Children

We were recently asked to support on the delivery of a charity event to raise funds for V Save Children.  The event was a music showcase charity evening and it was held at the fantastic new Fynn Valley event space.

About the charity…

V Save Children is a charitable organisation, governed by a group of trustees. Founded by Vibhash Gunasene when he was just 11 years old, the charity supports children mainly in Sri Lanka and Africa.

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Wedding Cake Alternatives

It’s very easy to fall into the typical wedding traditions, especially when it comes to wedding cakes. For many couples they are looking for something a bit different and something personal to them. We are here to provide you with some inspiration for alternative options to the traditional wedding cake that we think you will love!Whatever you choose it needs to be personal to you, so take a look at some of these tasty ideas below and get inspired…

  • Pancakes – With Shrove Tuesday being just around the corner we thought it couldn’t be more fitting to have a pancake inspired wedding cake option as our number one alternative to the classic wedding cake. Can’t picture how this would look? Take a look below…


Image Courtesy of Pinterest

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What To Expect At A Wedding Consultation

This time of year is always a very exciting and busy one for all those involved in the wedding industry. For many couples they are now having the realisation that their wedding is THIS year or, for newly engaged couples they are starting their exciting wedding planning journey.

Either way, if you need some help on the run up to your big day or support from the beginning, we are here to help and always suggest having an initial chat with you, either by telephone, Skype or in person.

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Finding Your Perfect Wedding Venue…


If you have recently got engaged, many congratulations! Welcome to one of the most exciting chapters of your lives. You may already know what your dream wedding looks like or it may be that your vision will come to you once you begin looking at venues, which is usually the first decision couples make with regards to their wedding.

Your venue really sets the tone for your big day, and there’s a lot to consider. Below we’ve highlighted our top 5 considerations to make when looking at venues, to give you a few pointers when making this important decision. Watch out for future blogs coming your way about how to pick a caterer, florist and much more!

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The Final Countdown…It Just Got Real!

As Joey Tempest from the band Europe sings…It’s The Final Countdown! (Sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves!)

So, here you are…just one month away from one of the biggest days of your life and the stress and overwhelm understandably starts to hit. We know these last four weeks can be hectic trying to sort all the final details and make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. Couples frequently contact us in the final couple of months to help alleviate some of the pressure, so we have created our Final Count Down Package, to offer a unique service to help you with those final few weeks before you become Mr & Mrs.

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Why you need a wedding planner…


We are often asked what does a wedding planner actually do?!

For us,  there are almost too many things to mention and when we begin listing the key areas where a wedding planner can help and support, the question is quickly answered. We have therefore complied our top 5 reasons as to why you need a wedding planner and how they can help create your dream day.

1.  Alleviate stress

In this current day and age the majority of people lead extremely busy lives, whether it be work or parenting duties, it can be huge task to dedicate the time and attention to plan your wedding, regardless of how exciting it can be. Typically, a wedding takes 250 hours of planning, that’s an additional 6 weeks of a full time job!

Having a wedding planner to take on the time-consuming tasks such as sourcing suppliers and communication with wedding venues, leaves you with the fun elements of the wedding planning such as dress shopping! We can help with styling, logistics and much more.

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A Stylish & Sophisticated London Affair…

We recently had the honour of working with a very special London based couple who required some help and support in the month leading up to their wedding day. That final month is always a mixed bag of emotions and sometimes can be quite overwhelming especially if you’re having to contend with busy work schedules or kids!

All of the key elements were taken care of and we just stepped in to ease any last minute stress and take care of the final details with the venue and suppliers.

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