Covid-19 Weddings – A step to normality

Having been in lockdown for over 100 days the desire to go back to ‘normal’ is something we are all feeling, both personally and across every industry sector. At this point in the year we are usually delivering back to back events, ranging from festivals to weddings, so it’s been a real adjustment.

Thankfully both Libby and Lydia have worked together for over 5 years, and working remotely is the norm for us. We’ve been excited to see the industry transform, and being able to deliver some fantastic virtual events has been fantastic.

We know how difficult the situation has been for all of our clients. We’ve been working with a number of couples who have had to postpone or cancel their weddings, but there is a little glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. We have seen a small, but positive step towards going back to some form of normality.

The Government made an announcement on Monday 29th June that ceremonies are now able to take place. We have detailed the key guidelines below in what we hope is an easy to digest format…

Key Guidelines: Your Ceremony

Please note, this was correct at the time of publication. Please check for latest information, if viewing this blog after some time has elapsed.

  • Your venue must be COVID secure, so they must have followed the government guidance in place to ensure that the venue is as safe as possible.
  • Ceremonies can now be held for a maximum of 30 people. Just be awar that the 30 people limit is not just for guests, it also includes the couple, suppliers and registrar/priest.
  • Guests must still remain a social distance of ideally 2m apart, 1m if risk mitigation measures are used such as masks.
  • Ceremonies will need to be as short as possible, this may mean that religious ceremonies may have to be adapted.
  • Large receptions should not follow a ceremony.
  • No food or drink is allowed to be consumed as part of the event, unless it forms part of the solemnisation of the marriage.
  • Rings to be handled by as few people as possible, and hands should be washed before and after they are handed.
  • Where an infant is involved in the ceremony, the infant should be held by a member of their household.
  • No one who is experiencing symptons of Coronavirus should attend the ceremony. This may mean that if a one person in the couple is experiencing symptons that the ceremony cannot go ahead.
  • People should avoid touching property belonging to other people.For example, if shoes are removed for the ceremony, they should be placed and collected by their owner.
  • Ablution rituals (washing) should not be done at the venue but carried out prior to arrival at the venue.If this is not possible, then social distancing and hygiene measures should be applied.  Washing someone else is not permitted. Full immersions should also be avoided.
  • Prayer boots, mats or other devotional shared resources such as service sheets should be removed, and single use alternatives can be provided as long as they are removed by the attendee.
  • Cash donations should be discouraged.

Music & Singing

  • Singing, chanting and raising of voices should be avoided.It is thought that these activities create an increased risk of transmission.  This means that the spoken responses during a ceremony should not be in a raised voice either.
  • If singing/chanting is required as part of the ceremony, this should be done by only one individual from behind a plexi-glass screen.
  • Live music and instruments that need to be blown (e.g. a trumpet) are to be avoided.Organs are permitted but should be cleaned thoroughly before and after each use.

General Guidance

  • Consider the layout and avoid face0to-face seating, making use of outside space, and using protective screens and face masks.

We know this list might look daunting, but remember that not all of it will be specific to your ceremony.  This is intended as an inclusive list to cover all types and styles of ceremonies. This relaxing in measures to allow couples to marry is an important step forward.

Weddings are all about coming together with friends and family and there has been huge discussions on whether socially distanced weddings could work. For us, it’s all about creativity, which is something we bring to the table even in ‘normal’ times. We have a huge range of options to help tweak plans to be COVID compliant if you want to try and move ahead with your wedding.

If you are a couple trying to navigate through this difficult time, please do get in touch, or check out one of our previous blogs which discusses special packages we are currently offering to all couples who have either had to cancel of postpone their wedding.

Stay safe everyone,

Libby and Lydia x